Intrinsic Value

Valuation is theoretically the most sound tool to evaluate the attractiveness of an existing or potential stock investment.
Unfortunately, investors have no community to communicate their thoughts and expectations about company value drivers such as: Sales, Margins, CapEx, Risk, and competition. Valuations exist scattered around the globe on spreadsheets with little commonality to test alternative assumptions or collaborate efficiently. solves this vexing problem through our standardized proforma builders, saving, and sharing tools. You can live in Boise and collaborate with a fellow investor in Sydney to understand AMZN’s intrinsic value.
With, investors can open an existing model on virtually any company globally and quickly model different scenarios to understand its investment attractiveness. More importantly is the ability to share your models with others to get feedback, sharpen your assumptions, and gain different perspectives you may not have considered. preloaded with proforma models, fundamentals, analyst estimates, and prices on thousands of company companies worldwide empowering users to:

  • Create – efficiently edit existing or create new proforma models to calculate company-specific intrinsic value
  • Collaborate – publish your models on the platform for user feedback and collaboration
  • Share – Share your work with the world with widgets to post model on your blog or other social media platform
  • Learn – Leverage this resource to incorporate best practices for security analysis


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