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Stock Prices Tend Toward Their Intrinsic Value

Your ultimate goal is to ensure your financial future; however, navigating investment waters can be challenging. It takes a great deal of analytical skill and patience when it comes to investment management. When you think long-term you are bound to be far better off. Let  Intrinsic Value Asset Management LLC be the one to help you reach your goals.


Intrinsic Value Asset Management LLC in Harbor Bluffs, Florida, is an equity portfolio management firm that  uses intrinsic value principles to  manage equity portfolios. Our focus is on increasing the potential for capital gains while reducing the risk of permanent loss.


We construct equity porfolios that align with your objectives and match your risk preferences. We use the framework of  intrinsic value to make our conversations with you clear and understandable.

Experienced Money

The portfolio manager  at Intrinsic Value Asset Management LLC has a wealth of experience, as well as the resources to ensure that your investment goals match the construction of your portfolio.

Client Services:

  • Client consultation when it is convenient for you.
  • Explanation of investments that makes sense to you.
  • No fees until after you open an account.

Gerald W. Bollman, CFA

Chairman and Managing Member

Chief Investment Officer

118 Live Oak Lane

Harbor Bluffs, Florida 33770


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